Rating: MA15+   (Strong violence)
Duration: 93 mins
Director: Barnaby Thompson
Cast: Olivia Cooke, Alec Baldwin, Colm Meaney, Ben Hardy, Sebastian De Souza
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Mystery



Starring in Pixie, Olivia Cooke takes on a modern-day femme-fatale in the new edgy, female-driven black comedy, featuring a series of hilarious laugh out loud moments and unfortunate twists and turns.

Pixie is the step-daughter of mobster Dermot O’Brien. Hoping to escape the drudgery of a life in provincial Ireland, she masterminds a heist by using her powers of suggestion and seduction. When the goons sent to collect a stash of drugs from a rival gang fail to make a successfully getaway, two innocent friends become entangled to Pixie’s plan. With her step-father’s henchmen and a mysterious quorum of gun-toting priests in pursuit, the three of them must find a way to dispose of the haul and try to stay alive.

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