Gift Cards

Give the gift of entertainment!

Beautifully printed Gift Cards and Christmas Gift Cards are available at the Sun Cinema box office, or enjoy the convenience of an eGift Card delivered directly to an email address.

The lucky recipient may use their gift voucher for both movie and candy bar. Gift cards can be purchased to the value of your choice and may be used with all concession, pension and student cards upon redemption. The value of the card will be adjusted after each purchase and may be used over multiple visits. The gift card has no expiry date.

Gift card expiry dates – not good business sense
While we’re all for milk and cheese having an expiry date, we’ve never understood why gift cards should? There’s nothing worse than coming across a gift card you received, only to find that it has expired. When we re-opened the Sun Theatre in Melbourne, and we were setting policies for a new business, we asked ourselves; “what annoys us elsewhere?”, and then we did the opposite. So, that’s why we don’t have advertising on screen, and why our gift cards and movie vouchers have no expiry date. And that is the way it should be.

Perhaps it’s as simple as: “Do unto others as you’d like to be done to yourself.”

eGift Cards

eGift Cards are easy, convenient and practical, making them a perfect gift for friends or family. They can also be used to purchase online tickets, it is as easy as entering the gift card code at the check out.