Rating: MA15+
Length: 113 minutes
Session Times:
Fri, 2nd Nov:6:30pm
Sun, 4th Nov:2:15pm
Tue, 6th Nov:4:45pm
Thu, 8th Nov:12:25pm
Sat, 10th Nov:6:25pm
Tue, 13th Nov:2:20pm
Rating: MA15+ 113' strong sexualised imagery
Genre: Drama
Directed By: Samuel Maoz
Written By: Samuel Maoz
Cast: Lior Ashkenazi, Sarah Adler, Yonaton Shiray

Michael and Dafna experience gut-wrenching grief when army officials show up at their home to announce the death of their son Jonathan. Michael becomes increasingly frustrated by overzealous mourning relatives and well-meaning army bureaucrats. While his sedated wife rests, Michael spirals into a whirlwind of anger only to experience one of life's unfathomable twists - a twist that can only be rivaled by the surreal military experiences of his son.

"Divided into three unequal sections, the film has a powerful message about life in contemporary Israel, a message some will find confronting." David Stratton The Australian
"It's an extraordinary film, far from easy, ultimately thoughtful and hard to forget." Paul Byrnes The Age
* Cry Baby Session